The Staffing system is a web based application designed primarily to allow non-profits and other organizations that use volunteers and/or paid staff to get things done.

It includes an automatically created Calendar so that visitors to your web site can see what you’re up to.

At a high level the system is organized around the following hierarchy:

  • Activities help you organize what you do and contain…
    • Events that happen at a specific date and time and may (or my not) contain…

    (If all you want to do is add an item to the calendar then you are done.)
    • Jobs which are the things you need people to do during the event.

    Jobs have a start and end time (shifts) and you will indicate how many people you need to do the job during that time.

Basic Steps

On a practical level, you need to create at least one Activity record, then create an Event record to go with it and finally, if needed, create one or more Job records for the thing that needs to be done.

The links above will take you to detailed instructions on how to accomplish each of these tasks

About Staffing

The Staffing application is an open source Python based project that is free for anyone to use. The source code is available at http://github.com/wleddy/staffing/.

It was initially created for the Sacramento Bicycle Advocates as a way to organize and publicize events in the Sacramento area.